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We are a private sector led nonprofit organization 

At Education Reform and Innovation Team (ERIT), we believe that the change we desire in education and our nation will not happen in isolation. It will require all stakeholders’ continual and dynamic collaboration and partnerships to improve learning outcomes and transform the educational system. ERIT is committed to bringing about the much-needed change in the education sector through partnerships with individuals, schools, companies, businesses, organisations and government agencies to improve and transform education and provide services, networks and shared learning for our members. We are collaborating to achieve what none of us can achieve alone without the support of the other. Sustaining and supporting a collaborative platform that is focused on “doing” is central to our existence. Our focus will therefore be on implementing innovative projects that will be game changers.

A few of Our Current Programs 

ERIT is a dynamic partnership of Individuals, schools, companies, corporate organisations, government agencies, development agencies, NGOS, who are desirous of making a positive impact in education, with the objective of improving and transforming schools and educational systems.

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The Nigerian Education System in a State of Crises

Education Reform and Innovation Team invites all stakeholders in the public and private sector to collaborate to transform the Nigerian education system.
The Nigerian education system is failing to equip the Nigerian child with the required knowledge, skills and competencies needed to thrive in the 21st century.
This situation has not occurred overnight and is the result of many years of decline, neglect and mismanagement over several decades. The scale of the problem is such that nothing less than a major systemic and innovative root and branch reform of all its systems is needed to break the downward spiral. This we believe will put the nation on a path towards an education system which will propel it to become an efficient and competitive economy on the world stage, and a leader of nations within Africa in the 21st century.

Board of Trustees

Bolaji Osime

Founder CEO, Global Int’l School and College 

Alero Ayida-Otobo

CEO, Incubator Africa Ltd.

Abisola Obasanya

CEO, Arc-Lights Foundation

Bola Kalejaiye

Founder?Head of School, Discovery House Montessori School

Modupe Adefeso-Olateju

Managing Director, The Education Paertnership (TEP) Center

Otto Orondaam

Founder and Executive Director, Slum2School Africa

Yinka Ogunde

Chief Executive, Edumark Consult


CEO, Infographics Nigeria

Iyinoluwa Aboyeji

Cofounder Future Africa

Kehinde Nwani

MD/CEO, Meadow Hall Group

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Call for Partnerships

Dear Friend, Education Reform ad Innovation Team (ERIT) is a platform that is wholly focussed on key activities supporting transformation in education. We have been involved in providing best practices in Educational support and delivery. We do this by providing a synergistic environment to which we invite you to become involved. We plan to have a conversation about ways in which we can begin exploration of areas for mutual benefit. Basically, we wish to collaborate[…]

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Education Reform Stakeholders Engagement

Yesterday was a CALL TO ACTION ! The Nigerian Education system is in crisis! Over 160 Education reformers all over the world have come together to collaborate as the Education Reform Innovation Team, an NGO that is determined to transform the Nigerian Education system and give the Nigerian child in the public sector and low income private schools an opportunity to access high quality education relevant in the 21st century ! Our mantra is Transforming[…]

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