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About Us



Our vision is to provide a values-driven, future-ready education for every Nigerian learner

We are passionate about advancing a society and economy empowered by values-based knowledge in which its people can aspire to reach their full potential.


To ensure every learner in Nigeria has unfettered access to quality education


We work vigorously with the following set of objectives;

1. To continuously explore, define and develop capacity for best practice in human capital development
2. To grow, engage and network education reform partners with a view to achieving synergies and scale
3. To advocate and contribute to meaningful education reform with a focus on learning outcomes
4. To advise, support and quality-assure education reform initiatives in the public and private sector
5. To curate, promote and propagate the adoption of innovative teaching and learning initiatives
6. To discover, generate, archive and harness education-specific data needed to inform and guide education policy and practice

Our People



The membership of the Education Reform and Innovation Team is comprised of experienced and passionate educators, innovators, and transformation agents desirous of making a positive and sustainable impact in education. The team has the goal of collaborating with other stakeholders in improving and transforming schools and educational systems. 
With over three decades of study and practice in the field, our team have led reform and innovative practice in numerous engagements across the value chain of teaching and learning. From pedagogy, learning environments, content, learning delivery systems and education technology to regulatory best practice, our team have worked as individual consultants or leaders of organisations on projects in every state of the country, as well as abroad. Out of this breadth and depth, we have developed frameworks, systems, tools and methodologies that have repeatedly delivered successful outcomes for our clients in public and private sector education. Impact is our purpose and our relentless focus on learning outcomes ensures that sustainable value is created with every engagement.

As a team, we create collaborations and partnerships that blend skills and expertise in an optimal mix for the specific challenge presented by the client. We are clear that no one organisation will hold within its ranks, a full complement of resource persons needed to execute a brief flawlessly. In order to offer our clients the assurance of a world class delivery, we task ourselves to within the team, or its related networks, the best fit for each project. Our harmonized fee structure and program management approach, mitigates any risks ab initio with respect to standards, contract administration and implementation strategy.

Call to Action

The Nigerian Education Sector in a State of Crisis


The Nigerian education system is failing to equip the Nigerian child with the required knowledge, skills and competencies needed to thrive in the 21st century.

Education Reform and Innovation Team invites all stakeholders in the public and private sector to collaborate to transform the Nigerian education system.

This situation has not occurred overnight and is the result of many years of decline, neglect and mismanagement over several decades. The scale of the problem is such that nothing less than a major systemic and innovative root and branch reform of all its systems is needed to break the downward spiral. This we believe will put the nation on a path towards an education system which will propel it to become an efficient and competitive economy on the world stage, and a leader of nations within Africa in the 21st century.