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The Nigerian Education Sector in a State of Crisis

The Nigerian education system is failing to equip the Nigerian child with the required knowledge, skills and competencies needed to thrive in the 21st century.

Education Reform and Innovation Team invites all stakeholders in the public and private sector to collaborate to transform the Nigerian education system.

This situation has not occurred overnight and is the result of many years of decline, neglect and mismanagement over several decades. The scale of the problem is such that nothing less than a major systemic and innovative root and branch reform of all its systems is needed to break the downward spiral. This we believe will put the nation on a path towards an education system which will propel it to become an efficient and competitive economy on the world stage, and a leader of nations within Africa in the 21st century.

Education Reform and Innovation Team (ERIT) is a platform that is wholly focused on key activities supporting transformation in education. We have been involved in providing best practices in Educational support and delivery. We do this by providing a synergistic environment to which we invite you to become involved. We plan to have a conversation about ways in which we can begin exploration of areas for mutual benefit.

Basically, we wish to collaborate with other groups in order to intensify and magnify the effect of our separate entities for impact in the education space.

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