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Our Members


We are a team of multisectoral experienced and passionate educators, innovators, and transformation agents desirous of making a positive and sustainable impact in education.

At Education Reform and Innovation Team (ERIT), we believe that the change we desire in education and our nation will not happen in isolation. It will require all stakeholders’ continual and dynamic collaboration and partnerships to improve learning outcomes and transform the educational system.  Education Reform and Innovation Team (ERIT) is a private sector led nonprofit organisation. ERIT is   committed to bringing about the much-needed change in the education sector through partnerships with individuals, schools, companies, businesses, organisations and government agencies to improve and transform education and provide services, networks and shared learning for our members. We are collaborating to achieve what none of us can achieve alone without the support of the other. Sustaining and supporting a collaborative platform that is focused on “doing” is central to our existence. Our focus will therefore be on implementing innovative projects that will be game changers.

Venture Hub Africa

                                  A venture and project development organization that facilitates the Setup, Build up and Growth of new projects and organizations that can transform the…


An innovative institution on the cutting edge of education and technology. OASIS brings quality, convenience and modern technology to education while bridging the gap between…

Skills Dev

We are a private human capital development company that targets Nigerian youth. Our goal is to advance a wide-diversified education system, instrumental in contributing to…

ArcLights Foundation

Arc Lights Foundation (AF) For Educational Development and Improvement in Africa is the Non Profit arm of Arc Lights Group, Exclusive Partners of LEGO Education, West Africa.


                     A volunteer-driven development organization transforming the society by empowering underserved children in slums and remote communities with quality…

Future Africa

     Future Africa is a platform that provides capital, coaching and community for mission driven innovators building an African Future where purpose and prosperity is within…

Discovery House Montessori

      DISCOVERY HOUSE is a Montessori school established to meet the needs of children aged 15 months to 12 years. It is a diverse community of learners, both children and adults.


INFOGRAPHICS is the leader in Information Worker and Collaborative Portals solutions provider in West Africa with demonstrated experience spanning 14 years in e—strategy and development projects in both public and…

JA Nigeria

Is the nation’s largest non−governmental organization dedicated to preparing young Nigerians to succeed in a global economy. As a global organization JA delivers unique, experiential programs− focusing on the core…


              An innovative educational company with a simple goal that delivers quantifiable and sustainable results.

Meadow Hall Education 

A top school, providing quality education and raising excellent and well-rounded children who will attain their highest potential..

Incubator Africa

Incubator Africa is a Development Agency operating on the African Continent that mobilizes and equips Africans to…

The Education Hub

       A 308sqm space setup to host transformation activities. Located at the East wing, on the 1st floor at the recently….

Global International 

Secondary & Sixth Form College preparing future leaders by providing the bridge to top universities all over the world. 

Nurture House LTD

An educational consulting firm dedicated to improving learning outcomes through leadership an teaching capacity development.

Axiom Learning Solutions

A team of highly motivated and passionate individuals driven by a common goal to change the narrative of the Nigerian education sector. Our passion for change guides our engagement with key stakeholders across the sector. We develop solutions by having a clear understanding of our clients’ needs and…

The Education Partnership Centre (TEP Centre)

    A pioneer in the emerging field of education partnership, specialising in research, design, implementation, support and evaluation of education programmes, projects and initiatives across the public, private and non-profit sectors.

Woodentots Consult Limited (WCL)

                   Registered in Nigeria as a Provider certified by the CPD Standards Office, the Professional Development Consortium, United Kingdom. WCL was established in 2012 with the aim of filling the gap for providing support to schools, improving the quality of education in Nigeria…

Appleblossom M.I. Limited

Is a professional human capital development; project management and consulting company specialized on Finland and the Nordic Countries. Appleblossom Limited believes in the power of the human mind and capacity to..

STEM METS Resources Limited

                       A social enterprise committed to nurturing, enriching and inspiring young minds by providing quality, innovative and alternative educational learning platforms.

The Learning Place

                            Our programme is based on the Montessori philosophy of education, which is a practical approach to teaching and focuses on the individual development of the child.

Nobelova Gradani

Is dedicated to making sure that individual with Mental Health problems get the best Mental Healthcare possible. Our area of expertise is in the detection, assessment,…

EdFin Microfinance Bank

Was birthed out of the need for quality education in Nigeria. The bank which is dedicated solely to funding the education eco-space in Nigeria aims to positively disrupt…

Pinefield Schools

A co-educational, multicultural, non-denominational Christian school open to all religious backgrounds that inevitably makes it a family – oriented school.

The Kings School Lagos

We started off as a pre-school institution in September 2000. We offer educational services through our crèche, playgroup and nursery classes and also offer workshops,…

TMAB Education

Consulting uses its in-depth understanding of what works and does work in schools to drive its strategic, design and programme management activities. 

Dansol Schools

When we set out in 1995, we set out to run a school that would produce graduates of excellence in academics and be disciples of our Lord Jesus Christ in whatever..